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Application Engine
Digital-Clay is a smart application engine for rapidly building enterprise class desktop, Web and Outlook-integrated applications.

Digital-Clay uses visual tools to create custom solutions fast without requiring code. Solutions built with Digital-Clay are dynamic solutions ensuring enterprises can easily incorporate changes and add additional functionality as needed.

This high-powered development tool supports all the features required by enterprise level software including: High level security, automation of business workflows and rules, advanced analysis and business intelligence, data management and reporting, dashboards, data integrity checking, organizational hierarchies, workgroups and roles, offline/online work modes, MS Outlook/MS Exchange integration, and integration with other management systems.

Digital-Clay in a Nutshell


Digital-Clay is a comprehensive and flexible application engine that covers the following core capabilities:

Data-management and data-entry.
BI, analysis, dashboards and reporting.
Business rules, workflows and automation.
Customizable user interfaces.

This includes thousands of features, with new features being added all the time. Other important capabilities include advanced security permissions, integration with other systems, mail-merge, document repository, data validation, profile management, custom functions, etc.


Digital-Clay's flexibility, ease-of-use, and fast development time has allowed it to be used in a wide variety of scenarios, including:

A complete enterprise solution covering all of a company's dynamic data requirements.
A small application that replaces a few Excel files for collaborative and accessibility purposes.
A complementary solution to existing systems, used for additional deployment options or simply to
    cover non-standard data tables.

Digital-Clay is completely generic and has been used for various standard industries as well as for unique requirements. Some examples:

CRM & Accounting
Projects and Tasks
Document Management
Crisis Management
Car Fleet Management
Class Attendance


Everything is customized using a pure point-and-click interface, without requiring you to write a single line of code, SQL query, or script. Flexibility is provided via thousands of generic features, with new ones being added all the time based on your suggestions and ideas since 2003.

Many of the customization features may be used even by end-users and customers, with only some of the more advanced capabilities requiring solution builders. No programming knowledge is required, allowing anyone comfortable with computers to build powerful solutions for customers.

Building Digital-Clay solutions can take anywhere between two hours, to several weeks, making this the fastest application engine around.


Once a Digital-Clay solution is built, multiple deployment options are available, including:

Desktop clients for maximum speed and interactivity.
Offline desktop clients for users on the road.
Outlook add-on for integration with Outlook appointments, contacts and e-mails.
Web browsers for web access and minimum end-user administration. The web client uses direct
    FastCGI for performance.


The development edition of Digital-Clay is free.

Digital-Clay pricing is ultimately flexible, making simple and small solutions very affordable, as well as providing special pricing packages for developers and OEMs.

All features and deployment options are available for the same price, without requiring you to purchase additional packages as your requirements grow.

Pricing is determined by the amount of users and tables, and can be paid on a yearly lease basis, or as a one-time fee. Contact your Digital-Clay representative for pricing. In addition, the following pricing options are available:

Bulk discounts up to 50% for larger customers and developers with many customers.
Discounts for non-profit organizations.
Floating licenses for installations requiring many users but few concurrent users.
Special revenue-based deals for OEM and vertical solution providers.

Support and Training

Bug-fix upgrades are always provided for free. New feature upgrades (major releases) are available for a small percentage of the original fee, or via yearly maintenance plans.

Free support is available via the forums. Phone support, training, and support plans are available at an hourly rate, or via bulk purchases.
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