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Digital-Clay Vertical Solutions
Over the years, many solutions have been developed with Digital-Clay. Some of the more common solutions have turned over time into boxed solutions, offering off-the-shelf best practice configurations, for even faster deployments. These solutions can be fine-tuned and adapted to specific needs, and are ready for on-premise or on-demand deployments.

Some Digital-Clay boxed solutions include:

Application Development Solutions
Bug Tracking, Compliance Management, Design Review Management, Development Management, Feature Traceability Matrix, Focus Group Management, License Management, Packaging and Documentation Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Project Management, QA Management, Requirement Management, Research Management, Resource Management, Technical Writing Management, Technology Review Management, Usability Review Management
Business Intelligence Solutions
Business Activity Monitoring, Business Performance Management, Business Planning, Business Process Management (BPM), Change Management, Channel Management, Customer Support Analytics, Data Mining, Reporting, Sales Analytics
Calendar & Scheduling Solutions
Appointment Scheduling, Construction Scheduling, Medical Staffing, Meeting Manager, Project Scheduling
Collaboration Solutions
Customer Portal, Enterprise Portal, Partner Portal, Alliance Management
Customer Service & Support Solutions
Call Center Management, Case Management, Customer Service, Help Desk, Issue Tracking, Service Management, Trouble Tickets
Data Management Solutions
Data Integration, Database Management, Reporting Software
Education & Training Solutions
Courseware, Training, Registration, Fundraising
Facilities Management Solutions
Asset Management, Building Maintenance, Equipment Maintenance, Equipment Management, Facilities Management, Field Service Management, Parts Management, Preventive Maintenance, Property Maintenance, Property Management, Service Management, Work Order Management
Financial Solutions
Billing Systems, Budget Management, Compliance Management, Contract Management, Expense Reporting, Financial Planning, Financial Reporting, Purchase Orders (PO's), Quoting Management, Risk Management, Spend Management, Timesheets, Toll Road Charges Management
Human Resources Solutions
Applicant Tracking, Assessment, Benefits Management, Employee Appraisal, Employee Performance Management, Human Resources (HR), Personnel Administration, Recruiting, Resource Planning, Salary Planning, Succession Planning, Talent Management, Time Off Tracking, Timesheets, Workforce Management
Knowledge Management Solutions
Contract Management, Document Management, Knowledge Base, Knowledge Management, Library Management
Legal Solutions
Contract Management, Legal Case Management
Operations Solutions
Quality Management, Sales & Operations Planning
Process Management Solutions
Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Output Management Software, PLM Software, Process Management Software, Quality Management Software, Supplier Management, Supply Chain Management, Vendor Management
Procurement & Purchasing Solutions
Order Entry Software, Order Management Software, Procurement Software, Purchase Orders (PO's), Purchasing Software, Spend Management, Supplier Management, Ticketing, Vendor Management
Productivity Solutions
Professional Services Automation (PSA), Project Costing, Project Management, Resource Management, Resource Planning, Task Management
Sales & Marketing Solutions
Advertising, Campaign Management, Commission Management, Conference Management, Contact Management, Customer Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Incentive Management, Event Management, Lead Management, Marketing Management, Membership Management, Surveys Management, Proposal Management, Quoting Management, Sales & Operations Planning, Sales Force Automation (SFA), Sales Forecasting Software, Sales Planning, Sales Tracking
Transportation & Logistics Solutions
Barcode, Distribution Management, Fleet Management, Freight Brokerage, Inventory Control, Inventory Forecasting, Inventory Management, Logistics, Output Management, Parts Planning, Transportation, Warehouse Management, Wholesale Distribution
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Digital-Clay Application Engine
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