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Digital-Clay Custom Projects
Combine the best technology and the best experts

Combine the high-powered Digital-Clay Application Engine with our experienced Digital-Clay experts. Our expert solution builders are dedicated to building your solution according to your specific needs with years of experience in custom software projects.

Project scope

Our in-house Digital-Clay experts can build your custom software solution from A to Z. We can manage 100% of your project, or work alongside your own professionals in a capacity that best fits your business needs.

Our experts can help with:

Requirements Specifications
System Analysis
Application Development
Data Quality
Application Integration
Training and Support

Benefits of Digital-Clay solutions

Fast implementation: Digital-Clay is a smart application engine that has been developed specifically for cutting down on the time it takes to develop custom software. It will take much less time to develop your solution with Digital-Clay than with any other alternative, allowing for dependable and on-budget projects.
Superior solution: Any custom solution built with Digital-Clay is backed by years of development that provides a solid infrastructure, offering enterprise-level scalability, flexibility, security and depth of functionality that would not be available with typical custom-developed software.
Flexibility: It will be easy to modify the solution and optimize it to your needs while the solution is being developed as well as in the future to meet changing requirements. You will enjoy maximum flexibility, and always be able to change, add or delete functionality with ease.
Adoption and short learning curve: Digital-Clay provides user-friendly interfaces and extremely short learning curves, providing fast adoption rates, and easy IT implementation experiences.
Customization at the user level: Digital-Clay enables customization at the user level providing each employee with the functionality he or she needs with custom menu bars, tools, layouts, dashboards, settings, language and help systems.
An integrated system: Choosing to build your custom solution with Digital-Clay enables you to add more modules for additional dependent or independent departments in the future. All solutions that are built with Digital-Clay can be integrated in the form of a single system that is easy to administer and secure. This also allows for increased collaboration and visibility between departments.
Wide coverage: The Digital-Clay application engine has been developed to cover any kind of data management need imaginable. Organizations use Digital-Clay to manage everything from specific pin-pointed applications such as managing vacations, to full, cross-organization solutions, covering the needs of many diverse departments.
Integration with other systems: Solutions built with Digital-Clay can integrate with your other information management systems and use existing data with ease.
Independence: Digital-Clay is so easy to customize, minor changes or future requirements can optionally be met by in-house IT professionals.

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