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Digital-Clay Solution Builders
Advantages of building solutions with Digital-Clay

Digital-Clay is a smart application engine that significantly reduces the time it takes to develop custom software solutions. By using Digital-Clay, solution builders:

Can build solutions fast without any knowledge in programming, scripting or database development.
Can easily keep up with changes in client requirements during or after development.
Can offer their clients superior solutions with unrivaled functionality.
Don't have to re-implement every custom solution from scratch.

The solution builders leverage the strength of a platform that has been fine-tuned and optimized for years, and used successfully in a large variety of implementations. With just a few hours of customization work, using a friendly point-and-click interface, the solution builder can present a first-class, tailored solution that includes dashboards, reports, charts, event-driven rules, custom workflows, customized layouts, and many other rich options to meet any specification.

Advanced functionality at your fingertips

The Digital-Clay application engine provides a superior platform that redefines and simplifies the task of building custom solutions. It allows you to focus purely on higher-level client specifications rather than on the nuts and bolts of developing a solution. Every solution built with Digital-Clay is backed by years of development that provide a solid infrastructure, scalability, flexibility, security and depth of functionality all at your fingertips.


Although the Digital-Clay application engine is very intuitive and requires no programming, it is preferable that solution builders have some kind of technical background and experience with data-management systems.

The solution builder kit

Digital-Clay may be downloaded for a free trial below with a 30 day license. In addition, we provide approved solution builders with a free solution builder kit which includes a developer's license as well as training material, access to our expert community and a coupon for a free one-on-one online training session with one of our experts. Use the form below for requesting a solution builder kit.


Several options for training are available, including training videos, courses, and written material. Each potential solution builder is also entitled to a free one-on-one online training session with a Digital-Clay expert. You can use the lesson for a fast introduction to Digital-Clay or use it later for more advanced questions. If desired, you can purchase additional sessions with an expert or register with one of our online courses which typically consists of 8 lessons. Digital-Clay is very intuitive, and with as little as one hour of training you should be able to build a basic custom solution with Digital-Clay.

Work relationship

Once you become a solution builder you may use Digital-Clay to build solutions for your clients and charge them directly for your time and effort. In order to use the system, your clients will have to buy either licenses or license subscriptions directly from us. Prices vary according to the number of custom tables the solution has (email us for more details on license fees).


Solution Builders receive free support through our web community, which is moderated by our experts. Additional support is available for a fee through our different support plans.

Request a solution builder kit

If you are interested in becoming a solution builder and applying for the solution builder kit please fill the form below or send an
e-mail and include your C.V. and/or your company profile, and a description of the types of solutions and projects you intend to build with Digital-Clay.

Professional Experience:

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