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Top Features and Benefits
No Programming Required

Digital-Clay provides a user-friendly interface for building custom solutions requiring no code. This revolutionary approach enables fast creation of custom applications while allowing for on-going changes to be made without having to write scripts, queries, or a single line of code.

Intuitive Visual Building Tools

Digital-Clay provides powerful visual tools that enable even non-technical personnel to build custom solutions. Specific visual building tools include the toolbar builder, layout editor, executive dashboard builder, report builder, and many more.

Dynamic Solutions

Solutions that are built with Digital-Clay are dynamic solutions that truly support on-going change and growth. Adapting the solutions to evolving needs is easy, whether changes are made during the initial building or in the future. The dynamic structure of the Digital-Clay Engine allows for changes to be made at any time, and is ideal for supporting a constantly evolving business environment.

Business Intelligence

Digital-Clay provides a built-in BI engine that delivers top-of-the-line analytics, dashboards, graphs and tabular data complete with color coding and advanced drill-downs.

Business Automation

Digital-Clay provides a complete automation package enabling automation of business processes and workflows. A real-time, event driven rule engine allows setting alerts, sending messages and responding to events automatically as desired.

Powerful Report Builder

Digital-Clay has a powerful report builder for building advanced, visually appealing reports. The reports can be generated in several formats including: HTML, MHTML, Word and Excel.

Outlook Integration

By providing seamless integration with MS Outlook, Digital-Clay and MS Outlook leverage each others strengths, and allow users to work with both applications interchangeably. All Digital-Clay information is available from within MS Outlook and vice-versa. Digital-Clay can be synchronized with PDAs and any other device that supports Outlook synchronization.

Multiple Solutions

Use Digital-Clay to build multiple, varied solutions for different departments in the form of one integrated system that is easy to administer and secure. This also allows for increased collaboration and visibility between departments.

Adaptability and Scalability

Whether your company needs a secure in-house solution with remote connectivity and support for travelling employees, or a public web-portal, Digital-Clay provides the tools and clients needed in any scenario. Digital-Clay is a reliable scalable solution that can handle hundreds of tables, thousands of fields and users, and millions of records.
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Top Features & Benefits
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