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Digital-Clay Training


An introduction to Digital-Clay containing an overview of basic Digital-Clay features and a series of training videos.

Other training options include:

  • A knowledge base of Advanced Topics for Digital-Clay developers and administrators.

  • Community help & support with Digital-Clay representatives at the forums

1. Tables and Fields

Custom Tables, Custom Fields and Field Properties.

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Custom Tables
Custom Fields
Lookup Field
Linked Field
Field Properties

2. Roles and Workgroups

Adding Workgroups, adding User Roles, changing Permissions and adding Users.

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User Role
Field Properties

3. Profile Management

Custom Layouts (custom tabs, custom list tab), Custom Toolbars (menus, dashboard from list, graphs, org charts), User Profile Management.

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Custom Layout Editor
Custom Toolbar Editor
Dashboard from List Editor
Chart Editor
Profile Management

4. Data Entry

Taking a look at the end-user toolbar and some components (data entry, chart, list, dashboard).

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Data Entry
Dynamic Filtered List
Dashboard from List

5. ClayIntegrator: Importing Data

Import Excel data with the ClayIntegrator.

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Table Mapping
Field Mapping
Import Settings

6. Custom Functions

Building Custom Functions.

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Custom Function Editor
Function Builder
If Function Builder

Adding Custom Links between distant tables.

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Custom Links Editor
Adding Custom Link

Demonstrating the power of Custom Links in Analysis.

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Multiple Indicators
Dynamic Dimensions

9. Right & Left Joins

Building Custom Links With Right & Left Joins.

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Link Group Join Settings
Adding Custom Link
Right-Joined Analysis

10. Document Templates

Building and using a Document Template.

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New Document Template
Document Template Builder Item Properties
Document Template Generation
Generating Document from Template
Generating Document on Multiple Items

11. Mail Merge

Generating a Mail Merged Template and sending to recipients via e-mail.

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Adding Merge Fields in Word
E-Mailing Document to Recipients
Mail Merged Document

12. Automation: Auto-Fill

Automating Drop-Down Auto-Fill using rules and dynamic filters.

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New Automation Event
Auto-Fill Event
New Automation Action
Automation Event Filters

13. Automation: Validation Rule

Set validation rule on data entry forms.

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New Validation Event
Validation Event Editor

14. Automation: Inactivating Records

Automating inactivation of subscriptions.

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Event Field Requirements
New Set Field Action
Set Field Action

15. Automation: Scheduled Reports

Use Automation to schedule reports and send them to executives.

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Scheduled Event
Create Document Action
Action Recipients
Executive Report in Outlook

16. Automation: Scheduled Tasks & ClayStation for Outlook

Use Automation to check up on expired subscriptions periodically and send a task to an employee's Outlook.

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Scheduled Event on Items
Item List Filter
Create Item Action
Set Field Action in Created Item
New Outlook Tasks
Outlook Task Integration

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